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Online Training for a Freight Broker Agent

Online career training is a convenient and common way for professionals to enroll in classes that can be taken during any time or day of the week. Students studying to become freight brokers can take online training to prepare for licensing and to learn the basics of the freight brokerage business. Similar to in-classroom training, online classes teach aspiring freight brokers the fundamentals of sales, marketing, operations and licensing in the shipping industry.


  • The typical curricula for online freight broker training programs include an overview of the career and industry, as well as Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations. The FMCSA regulates the commercial transportation industry and enforces safety rules for operators of commercial vehicles. While students learn about implementing marketing and sales strategies, and building successful client relationships, online freight broker and agent programs also teach students how to open and manage their own businesses. Courses are also given on setting rates for shipping carriers, building and managing load dynamics, managing finances and processing insurance claims.


    • One of the most significant skills that students learn in online freight broker training programs is how to start a business. In addition to gaining knowledge of the freight brokerage sector, students learn how to build marketing campaigns and use personal selling to create a client base. For example, online training programs teach students how to network with professionals in the freight brokerage industry and promote their business to potential shipping carriers and business partners. Online freight broker training also teaches students how to work with different personalities by speaking effectively and using negotiation tactics. Students also acquire technical skills. For example, some programs include instruction on posting and managing load data, auditing, invoicing and freight claims processing.