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How Much Does a Freight Broker Make

The salary of a freight broker can vary. A freight broker can work on commission and some freight workers can be paid a yearly salary. Those freight workers who work for themselves have expenses to pay, such as filing fees, licensing, office equipment, insurance bonds and other expenses. Before a freight broker can begin making money, the shipper needs to build contacts, unless the freight broker works with a company that is already established and has shipping clients.A freight broker is an individual or business that works as a liaison between individual or company that needs an authorized motor carrier and shipping services. However, a freight broker does not act as a shipper or carrier. The job of a freight broker is to determine the needs of a shipper and connect the shipper with a carrier that will transport the shipper’s items at a reasonable price.The salary of a freight broker varies, depending on the company the freight broker works for, benefits, the stability of the industry and the experience level of the freight broker. However, on average, a freight broker can make about $39,000. The location where the freight broker works can determine the salary of the worker. For instance, a freight broker in Marietta, GA earns $41,000 on average, and a freight broker in Dayton, OH can earn $38,000 on average.