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How Freight Charges were estimated

If you need to ship freight to another business or if you are ordering something that comes as freight, you may want to estimate the freight charges ahead of time. Getting a freight estimate is a fairly simple process. The process is similar to getting a rate quote for shipping a package through a carrier like FedEx or DHL. You may need to know a few more details than for shipping a simple package, but you can estimate freight charges on your own.Instructions1. Visit the website of the freight shipping company that you plan to use, such as UPS Freight or Old Dominion. Navigate to the “Rate Estimate” page of the website. If you aren’t sure which freight company you want to use, then go to to get quotes from several carriers at once. 2. Enter in the origin and destination of the freight. For U.S.-based shipping and deliveries, you will need the ZIP code. Select the freight class code for your freight.3. Get a weight for the freight. You may need someone who can drive a forklift to move the freight and weigh it for you. If the item has to be crated to be shipped and it is not yet crated, be sure to take that into account. Also get your shipment density by dividing your total weight by total cubic feet to get the pounds per cubic foot. To get the total cubic feet, multiply your outside length, width and height of the freight. Once you have the weight and density, or a good estimate of it, enter it into your online quote tool.4. Make any selection for special accessories for your freight shipment. This includes sending it C.O.D, getting arrival notification and construction site delivery. Any of these additional requirements will result in a surcharge added to your freight rate.5. Submit your rate quote form when you have entered in all the details to get an estimate of the charges. Keep in mind that the charges are just an estimate and may be lower or higher when the item is actually shipped.