Lanier Tech expands CDL program to meet trucking demand

Truckers aren’t always looked upon endearingly on the road, Edwards said,“Everyone wants to blame a trucker,” he added.Learning these things and more will be the challenge for the eight to 10 expected in the upcoming eight-week summer course the college is offering.The Lanier Tech program presents a few options that…

Busia one-stop border post renders hundreds jobless

There was hope for better trade when President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Ugandan counterpart, Yoweri Museveni, opened the Sh1.3 billion Busia One Stop Border Post in February this year. What was meant to streamline processes by marking the end of a manual system has come with pain. As much as…

More than 80% of carriers optimistic about 2018: TransCore

Canadian carriers and brokers benefited from a strong market in 2017, and are optimistic about the current year, according to a new report from TransCore Link Logistics. Seventy-three percent of respondents were carriers, while 27% were brokers. Most reported that the increase in load volumes seen in 2017 positively impacted…

Uber Freight Seeks to Corral Truckers With Discount Program

Uber Freight has an offer that it hopes truck drivers cant refuse thousands of dollars in discounts on Navistar’s International brand big rigs if truckers use its freight-matching service. Uber also will provide price breaks for maintenance, tires, gas and cellphone services. that have materialized as freight demand climbs and…


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