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Freight Broker Claim

No specific claim form is prescribed by law, but four elements are essential: • the shipment must be identified to enable the carrier to conduct an investigation; • the type of loss or damage must be stated; • the amount of the claim must be stated or estimated and •…

Carrier Directory Database

Search from over 1 Million US Motor Carrier Directory Database. Our carrier directory listings help freight brokers and logistics providers find qualified carriers. Data is available in excel formate and sorted by state for easy access to data. The carrier database also has the motor carrier’s insurance information on file…

Freight Brokers Training Course

The main goal of our freight broker training course to get your freight brokers license is to get you up to speed with the trucking terminology, freight rates, carrier agreements, freight brokers responsibilities and all the ins-an-outs of the logistics industry. This freight brokerage industry is fast paced, and many…

Freight Broker Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools: How do I market my services as a freight broker to new clients and shippers and carriers? The big question is WHERE TO FIND SHIPPERS? Searching for Shippers is among the initial stages of the freight brokering business. However before you beging marketing to them you first need to…


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