How to Become a Freight

Instructions 1 Consider enrolling in an educational program that teaches the ins and outs of being a freight broker. Both online and classroom programs are available. 2 Register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as a freight broker. File the 0P-1 Application for Motor Property Carrier and Broker Authority form mandated by the FMCSA.…

BLOG 04.11.2013

Weight Regulations

The Federal Bridge Gross Weight Formula (also known as Bridge Formula B and the Federal Bridge Formula) is a mathematical formula in use in the United States by truck drivers and Department of Transportation (DOT) officials to determine the appropriate maximum gross weight for a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) based on axle number and spacing.…

BLOG 04.10.2013

DOT Logs Regulation

The FMCSA is a division of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT), which is generally responsible for enforcement of FMCSA regulations. The Department of Transportation has many explicit laws for logging when you are a commercial driver. Logging is the term drivers use to describe their time record entries in a log book. The…

BLOG 04.03.2013

Getting a Motor Carrier Number

If your company transports passengers or goods, you may need a USDOT number. USDOT numbers uniquely identify your business and allow the USDOT to track safety records and ensure that you are adhering to all operating requirements. You can get your motor carrier number online for free from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).…

BLOG 04.02.2013

The Motor Carrier Number

A motor carrier number is a license issued to for-hire carriers by the United States Department of Transportation. Motor carrier numbers are administered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and are commonly referred to as USDOT numbers. Uses • A motor carrier number is a unique identifier for a company that participates in interstate…