Freight Broker Jobs

In accordance with the BLS, freight brokers prefer to employ Agents who hold a high school diploma or a GED, otherwise, there are no formal educational requirements for your job. At first, they perform fundamental tasks like weighing freight and making certain that parcels are shipping to the correct address, under the supervision of other…

BLOG 05.01.2013

Owner-Operator Venture

An owner-operator is a business owner who owns a semi-truck (or trucks) and performs contract transportation services. Work can be local delivery of goods, over-the-road distribution or other service that requires the movement of objects. Before you quit your day job you should, at the very least, know all that in order to put yourself…

BLOG 04.24.2013

LTL Freight Loads

Domestic trucking is the most common way to transport products and materials throughout the United States. Ranging from fresh produce to project materials, or even hazardous goods, all LTL truckloads are subject to regulations imposed by the U.S. Department of Transportation. The cost to ship materials from one place to another depends not only on…

BLOG 04.23.2013

Freight Factoring Business

Factoring is a business finance tool used by firms to increase cash flow. A factoring company provides business finance in the form of immediate cash advances for the transfer or sale of a target firm’s accounts receivable invoices. The factoring company makes money from interest and fees. Typically the factoring company pays 80% of the…

BLOG 04.18.2013

Logistics Officer

Logistics officers handle the distribution of a company’s merchandise. They work for retailers, manufacturers and many other industries, loading and unloading packages and sometimes even equipment. Most logistics officers are employed in warehouses, although some work on putting loads on docks, where they remove or place items on large trucks, delivery vans and even boats.…

BLOG 03.28.2013

Truckload Bidding

**How to Write Freight Transportation Bid When bidding a contract for freight transportation you must take into account that you are competing with other companies. You want to set yourself apart from that competition in order to give yourself an edge on the competition. Every government agency or company that releases a request for bids…

BLOG 03.21.2013

Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarders, or third-party logistics providers, are the single most effective way to transport goods. Many top companies, such as United Parcel Service and FedEx, act as freight forwarders. U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador Ron Kirk says, “More than a quarter of a million U.S. firms export goods. Ninety-seven percent of those firms are small to…

BLOG 03.17.2013

Freight Rate

If you are the owner of a trucking company, determining which rate to charge customers is a vital part of operating a successful business. Rating freight requires careful analysis of your company’s operating costs, including mileage of your trucks, fuel and vehicle maintenance costs, as well as fees charged by brokerage companies. Freight rates are…

BLOG 03.14.2013

Truck Driver Training

The truck driving profession is one that is least hit by unemployment, and thus is a popular choice for many who need steady income and job security. Anyone can become a truck driver, however, getting the best training can be a challenge. Read on to find out more about truck driver training. Function There is…