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How shippers and 3PLs can partner to weather the freight industry

As noted by the Cerasis white paper, “variable logistics operations will become standard.” Keeping up with changing consumer tastes is the priority, and that means maintaining the flexibility to change orders, change delivery addresses and adjust delivery timeframes according to demand. The Cerasis white paperbacks up Greathouse’s assessment. “As demand…

FR8Star and Comdata Release Heavy Haul Freight Carrier Survey

There are over 12,000 freight brokers in the U.S. For more than 50 years, oversize/overweight loads have been primarily booked through these brokers via phone, fax and email. To illustrate, 42 percent of truckers surveyed have used traditional brokers. Of those, three in four classified their experience as positive, but…

Freight Rates Soar for Small-Business Truckers in January

It’s a big turnaround from recent years when there wasn’t enough freight demand to fill up all the nation’s trucks and drivers struggled to get attractive rates. This year will be the best for the trucking industry since 2005, said David Ross, an analyst at Stifel Financial Corp. “There are…

Trucking economy: Looking back and looking forward

He was cautious a year ago about investment, exports and government three of the five elements that make up TEA, the other two being consumption and imports but by the end of the year, government spending was the only area of caution.Dieli uses a tool called the Enhanced Aggregate Spread…

Tax Reform: A Negative For The Stock Market

Part of the recent gains can certainly be attributed to the recent tax bill that has sent corporate tax rates to 21% from the previous rate of 35%. If stocks go up in anticipation of tax reform, investors are implicitly expecting that tax cuts will flow through into businesses’ income….

What does the ELD mandate mean for the trucking space?

The same might soon happen for the trucking space, thanks to the electronic logging device mandate. And a lot of backlash, including an opposition rally held by truckers earlier this month, the mandate finally went into effect this week, allowing compliance deadline, inspectors and roadside enforcement personnel to start documenting…

How Tesla’s Semi will dramatically Change the trucking industry

The Tesla Semi offers something to the trucking industry that could drastically alter the entire freight moving sector. The trucking industry has seen major changes since it began roughly a century ago and has, despite the assumptions of many outsiders looking in, been one of the more technologically-advanced industries in…


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