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How Does a Credit Report Affect Getting a Customs Brokerage License?

Importance Credit reports, along with additional records such as a criminal history, help government officials verify an applicant’s identity, but, more important, those reports help gauge an applicant’s integrity. Customs brokers control millions of dollars of goods entering the U.S. A poor credit history, especially if it includes serious negative…

Trucking firms face fines for skirting payroll costs

Truck drivers may drive hundreds of miles a day, but many are doing it without benefits and routine worker protections, according to lawmakers going after companies that improperly classify the drivers as independent contractors. Assembly members released a proposal last week that sets a much higher bar for port trucking…

Truckers Guided by GPS Said to Hit N.Y. Bridges 200 Times

Truckers following faulty directions by global positioning systems devices have hit bridges in New York City, Long Island and Westchester County more than 200 times in the past two years, the New York Democrat said in a letter to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood yesterday.About 80 percent of bridge strikes in…

Driver of semi truck killed in crash on Tiger Mountain

The driver of a semi truck died Friday morning after crashing on Highway 18.The driver of the Fed-Ex truck became trapped in the cab when the truck drove off the road near the summit of Tiger Mountain, according to the Washington State Patrol. A witness told troopers he saw the…

‘Aerodynamics Truck and Trailer’ in Europe

Daimler’s European business has strayed outside its normal comfort zone, designing a trailer optimized for maximum efficiency with the company’s own Actros tractor. The Aerodynamics Truck and Trailer, unveiled at the International Motor Show this week, will reduce a semi-trailer’s fuel consumption to less than 25 litres per 100 kilometres,…

Class 8 demand remains soft in August

Weak demand for commercial vehicles persisted into August, according to the latest report from ACT Research. ACT’s State of the Industry report covers Class 5 through 8 vehicles for the North American market. “Class 8 orders are likely to continue in hand-to-mouth fashion until there is better clarity about the…


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