Learn about the Freight Brokerage industry from past and existing freight brokers and agents that have been in the industry for a combined 10 years experience.

with our self paced online training program you can study virtually anywhere,  (pause) anyplace (pause) anytime (pause) There is no internet access required with after downloading the PDF course files. Our Course is designed  for students who have little or no experience to existing agents that want to learn new  MAP-21 regulations or build their carrier database.

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Online Course Training and Quizzes (pause).

Carrier Database of over 100,000 carriers (pause).

Free Load Board Access (pause).

BOC-3 Application processing (pause).

OP-1  application assistance.

Job Placement assistance.

We also provide assistance in getting your Surety Bond which is a requirement for processing your OP-1 application. Our goal is for you to learn the industry and how to get your license, not spend thousands of dollars on wasteful material and having nothing to show for it. We actually test your knowledge with online chapter test. Our chapter quizzes challenge your retention of different chapter topics. Scores immediately show your results in the different categories so you know what you need to go back and study. Flexible pricing combined with 24/7 phone and live chat support, makes us a 1 stop shop for learning, training and applying for your freight brokers license.


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